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Legal procedure

All lawyers in our firm are procedural lawyers. This means that aside from a good knowledge of the legislation that governs our lives and a compilation of legal documents that clients need, the lawyers also feel at ease in the courtroom. Litigation can go on for years. Therefore, it is sensible to go to court when all alternatives to reach an agreement out of court have been exhausted. Our lawyers’ always aim to solve disputes out of court if possible. If this is not successful, then the lawyers rely on their years of experience and tried and tested tactics in legal proceedings. It is our objective to achieve the best possible result for the client in optimal time.

Civil law

We will help you compile or analyse legal documents, recommend the most suitable legal solutions and predict outcomes of disputes based on judicial practice. We hold complicated negotiations in the interests of our clients, reach agreements in regulation of obligations (including contractual disputes, claims for damages) and solve property disputes (including common ownership disputes). We have vast experience in family law, where we provide legal aid in all disputes (regulating the proprietary relations of spouses, distribution of joint property, custody, child support, determining the communication with children, identification of descendence, child-related disputes between parents living in different countries, international child abduction).

Penal law

Our lawyers have long-term experience and extensive practice in representing clients (injured parties, suspects, the accused) both in criminal and misdemeanour matters. As a representative of the victim, we support and monitor the adherence to law in pre-trial procedure (questioning) and in court. As a representative of the suspect, we participate in questionings, and the selection of a preventive measure in court; if necessary we meet with the client in prison. We act as a defence counsel for the accused in court, compile appeals to judicial decisions and defend our appeals in higher instances of court.

Administrative law

Our lawyers help you in the compilation of appeals, petitions, challenges, and responses according to specialisation in administrative proceedings and administrative court procedure, represent you in local government offices to give legislation or perform acts, in disputing local government legislation or acts.